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PLN State Board Nominations for Elections Info

Posted 3 months ago by Wendy Grbach

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Good evening everyone,

The PLN State Board of Directors are seeking volunteers desiring to serve on the board in the following positions:

Treasurer (3 year term)

Board Member (3 year term)

Nominations Committee Member (3 year term)

If you, or someone you know (please obtain permission to nominate first!) may be interested in serving, l have attached the position documents above.  Interested candidates must be a PLN member, and be available for a monthly virtual meeting in addition to the duties associated with the position of interest.

Please complete both the Consent to Serve, as well as the Biographical Information and send to Lynne Hausmann by email at

Due date is April 2nd, so that we may prepare the voting ballot for the membership at large.  We look forward to any questions you may have, and hope you consider to volunteer to serve!